The Energy Loop: Tackling the customer shaped elephant in the room

freddie_eicSeminar Zone: Energy & Carbon
Time: 11.30 – 12.15
Speaker: Freddie Tilbrook, the Energy Innovation Centre

There are more technologies, more players and more determination to evolve the way we power our homes and communities than ever before, but customers are opting out of home energy upgrades. Why? Because of the sheer complexity. The onus is always on the individual to research, understand, select and act. This results in inertia.

The Energy Loop is an online energy solution service that helps people find, fund and install the best energy solutions for their homes, through communities of trusted installers. Unlike other online services, The Energy Loop takes homeowners on the whole journey from education to action in a few clicks of a button. However, before any of this can happen we need to get communities excited about upgrading their energy. We look forward to telling you our view of how this can happen and bringing you into The Energy Loop.

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