Do You Gen-air-ate Efficiently?

Ian HarrisonSeminar Zone: Energy & Carbon
Time: 9.00am – 9.45am
Speaker: Ian Harrison, Service Director for Pennine Pneumatic Services and Simm Engineering Group

Use compressed air, vacuum or nitrogen? Can you afford not to check if you can save energy?

Take note – A ¼ inch air leak during one year costs as much as a small car!

Compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen usage can account for a large proportion of a company’s energy consumption, this seminar will look at how to make sure your set up runs at optimum efficiency to save both energy and money.

With the use of case studies Pennine Pneumatic Services’ (PPS) and Simm Engineering Group will reveal how most air compressors and vacuum pumps aren’t necessarily as energy efficient and cost effective as they could be. They will review the costs and how they can be reduced; how research and development creates new technology that can help a company make even bigger energy savings and how efficient use of these systems will help to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs.


To view the full seminar programme, please click here.

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