Smart Water: Securing the resources for a prosperous future

Seminar Zone: Policy & Regulation
Time: 09.00am – 9.45am
Speakers: Elizabeth Edgington, Head of Environment, Business in the Community & Thom Cooper, Lead Sustainability Advisor,  Yorkshire Water

Seminar description:

Water is a national concern in the UK: Our national freshwater resources, and the ecological biodiversity they contain, face a number of threats and a stable supply of good quality freshwater can no longer be guaranteed in many parts of the UK. Water scarcity, water quality, population growth and climate change make for a challenging future.

Presenting latest thinking from a report prepared by the Business in the Community Water Taskforce , we set out why managing water is a critical issue for business, and outline the action that businesses need to take. Case studies and guidance will be given to help businesses large and small take action to protect water resources and build water resilience.

Suitable for professionals with an interest in water within business, ecosystems, agriculture or procurement.


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