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This strand of seminars is organised in partnership with LSI Green Vision.


9.15- 9.45 Business Success in a Changing Climate

Jon Clubb, Climate Change Coordinator, YourClimate

Climate change is an accepted science – the question people are now is asking is “how will it affect me?” With the extreme weather already experienced this year here in the UK, there is a rising awareness of the need to be prepared.

This session will cover the predicted effects of climate change and how they could impact on your business. Suppliers, logistics, insurance, your premises, IT systems, products, stock, raw materials, your staff… each organisation has a number of areas where they are potentially vulnerable.

Come along to this briefing so you will know what to expect. Put in plans to make sure your business is resilient and positioned to thrive in the future.

This sessions will include case studies of other businesses which have been affected by rapid changes – and have they have adapted to thrive in the future.

View this presentation here.

10.00 – 10.30 Inspiring Sustainability. PK style session (quick fire presentations)

Let’s switch the focus of environmental work from ‘doing less harm’ to delivering benefits.

  • Mark Warner, Sustainability Manager, Leeds Metropolitan University  How sustainability is being implemented into construction and refurbishment projects across our estate, providing the research opportunities to; inform further research, inform our thinking and influence design. An example of how professional services and academic research can work hand-in-hand? View this presentation here.
  • David James Arnold, How to Make the World Zero Carbon Using a mixture of highly engaging info-graphics and future visions, authors of ZERO-FIFTY David James Arnold and Alexa James Ratzlaff explain how we can reduce man made carbon emissions to zero by 2050. Within this talk David gives us a sneak preview of the forthcoming content. This presentation is unavailable. However a similar presentation is available as a video hosted on YouTube.
  • Jim Wild / Jonathan Lind,  Beautiful Buildings – Beautiful People How to build lovely low energy buildings and from top specification to bottom budget, inspiring people to enjoy low energy dependence and join the green economy. View this presentation here.
  • Martin Brown, Fairsnape, Living Building Challenge. This presentation will be available later – please check back.

It’s free to attend this seminar – just register for your place at Eco-Fair.

10.45- 11.45 Shared Goals & Impact- Built Environment Review: Panel Debate

Chris Herring, Chair, Passiv Haus Trust + Martin Brown, Living Building Challenge, Fairsnape + Martin Townsend, Director of Sustainability, BRE + Sue Riddlestone, CEO & Co-founder, BioRegional + John Alker, Director of Policy and Communications, UK Green Building Council (Chair).

The uptake of green building and sustainability has progressed rapidly, and still not rapidly enough to address climate change and societal issues. Built environment rating systems & frameworks have emerged that leverage the impacts of best practices, including Living Building Challenge, Passivhaus,  BREEAM and Natureplus The leaders of these initiatives will discuss the systems, their inherent goals and benefits, the similarities and distinctions, and will focus on how they can be mutually supportive, compatible, and are ultimately interconnected. The session will include discussion of both high level concepts as well as review of practical applications and results.

As this was a live debate, no slides are available. Sorry!

12.15- 12.45 The UK Infrastructure and Carbon Review. Colin Robertson, Group Sustainability Manager, NG Bailey

In November 2013 the UK Government published the Infrastructure Carbon Review, a report which aimed to highlight why reducing capital and operational carbon makes good business sense.  It specifically identified that

  • It reduces cost,
  • It unlocks innovation and drives better solutions;
  • It drives resource efficiency;
  • It provides competitive advantage and export potential; and
  • It contributes to climate change mitigation

The report also identified barriers to carbon reduction within the infrastructure sectors and made recommendations to those organisations operating in these sectors.

This session will provide a brief summary of the Infrastructure Carbon Review and provide two brief examples of how NG Bailey – which was a consultee on the report – has embraced the review and adopted methods of design and construction which have delivered cost savings, carbon reductions and other benefits to both our business and our infrastructure clients.

View this presentation here.

13.00 – 14.00 Ethics & Transparency: Panel Debate

Graham Cooper, Director & Site Manager at Agfa Graphics Ltd, Martin Baxter, Executive Director (Policy), IEMA, TBC & John Mooney, Director Pennine Pack (Chair)

There seems to be a growing trend for businesses to be more sustainable and accountable. Is this just greenwash to help sales? Are business models really changing? Will sustainable businesses ever out-perform those out to just make a cheap buck?  Three businesses will comment on what they see from their sectors and talk about what they think the future holds.

No slides are available as this session was a live, unscripted debate. Sorry!

14.45 – 15.15 Reconnecting with Nature through Buildings. PK style session (quick fire presentations)

Gary Grant, Ecosystem Services come to town’ + Martin Brown, Living Building Challenge + David Garlovski, Recovery Insulation Ltd + Strawworks

Richard Louv , Author of 'Last Child in the Woods' was the first to collect and expose a growing body of evidence suggesting healthy physical, emotional and mental development in both children and adults requires direct exposure to nature. Taking this into account how can buildings assist us in reconnecting with nature ?

See the presentation by Gary Grant here.
See the presentation by Strawworks here.
Other presentations will be available later - please check back.

15.30 – 16.00 Green Building Products Showcase PK style session (quick fire presentations)

Green Building Store and TBC. Chayley Collis, Green Building Store + Chris Herring, Green Building Store

A showcase of Green Building Products presented by Green Building Store in collaboration with Green Vision. Products featured include: Passivhaus certified windows, airtightness tapes & membranes, MVHR systems, specialist insulation for window & door detailing, waterless urinal systems and more!

View the presentation for this session here.

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