Our ‘Energy’ strand covers best practice case studies, technology updates, industrial solutions, information on funding and a look at the future with an update on electric cars.

8.30 Understanding Your Carbon Footprint – Glenn Wilkinson, Managing Director, Carbon Saver Ltd

Carbon footprints are a popular and very visible way for companies to measure energy use and environmental impacts. Carbon Saver are carbon experts – come along to this session to hear straightforward solutions to managing and minimising your organisation’s carbon footprint.
Carbon Saver will show how some of the UK’s leading organisations are currently using carbon footprints to cut costs, improve their environmental credentials and impress buyers.  Carbon Saver will also be using eco-fair to introduce a revolutionary new system for reducing carbon emissions.

Presentation available here.

9.15  Cut Costs with up to £8,000 to Green Your Business – CO2Sense

Businesses working with CO2Sense have saved an average of £6,000 each year for every one-off investment of £6,000. Discover real-life examples of businesses who have benefitted by working with CO2Sense. Learn how your business can use a free two-day environmental review and a grant of up to £8,000 towards new equipment to cut your costs and be more productive through energy and resource efficiency.

Presentation available here.

10.00  Travel Costs! – Sara Brook, West Yorkshire Travelplan Network

Fuel, traffic congestion, ill health, poor reputation, limits on business expansion – all can impose a cost on an employer and stem from travel issues.

A representative of the West Yorkshire Travel Plan Network will present a series of mini-case studies, drawn from the Network’s 170 members, to demonstrate how a systematic approach to tackling a company’s business and commuting travel can result in financial savings and other gains.

Presentation available here.

10.45  Skopos Design: Our Journey to becoming a Low Carbon business –Pat Perry, HR Manager, Skopos Design

Learn how Skopos Design have, in just a short few years:
– Reduced water consumption by 40% by recycling and installing meters to encourage better management;
– Reduced waste water by modifying chemicals used in dyeing fabrics;
– Reduced energy usage by 58% over the last 3 years by modifying machine efficiencies, insulation initiatives and improving staff awareness;
– Reduced VOC emissions despite already being well under the defined limits;
– Increased recycling to 85% of waste from the site; and
– Achieved the Carbon Trust standard

Find out why Skopos set out on this journey, what they did to get there, what benefit it has been to the business, and plans for the future.

11.30  Energy At Bradford Ecoversity – Russell Smith & Hilary Pape

Ecoversity is the University of Bradford’s programme of embedding sustainable development across everything the organisation does. From purchasing strategies to new buildings, their strategies make a huge difference.  The University of Bradford won CIBSE’s 2012 Building Performance Award  for being “Carbon Champion of the Year”.  In this seminar we will focus on some of their energy saving work – the impact of the EMU Project. This paired smart metering technology with a behaviour change campaign; and saved a massive 33%. Could you make similar savings?

Presentation available here.

12.15  Industrial Energy Saving Solutions – Barry Paschali, Paschali Greener Working Solutions

Learn how your business could save money through efficient use of compressed air, efficient motors and drives, heat recovery, more efficient lighting, voltage optimisation, and Power Factor Correction.

Presentation available here.

13.00  The Future for Electric Vehicles – Matthew Lumsden, Managing Director, Future Transport Systems

Matthew will look into the future for electric vehicles. What will the charging network look like; how will it work in practice; and how it will benefit businesses?

Presentation available here.

13.45  Save Money with Building Lighting & Controls – Graham Brown, Building Energy Control Solutions (BECS)

BECS work with companies of all sizes and types – from national brands who are retrofitting warehouses to local shops who just want more efficient spotlights.  Changing a lighting system can lower energy use by anything from 30% to 80%, and better building control normally cuts 10% to 30% off your costs.  Some projects can pay back in as little as a year. Graham will use real case studies to tell us about different technologies; and illustrate what type of return on investment projects have made.  Come along to find out more about these cost-cutting technologies and what they could do for you.

Presentation available here.

14.30  Cost effective and carbon effective solutions in the Commercial and Industrial sectors  – Professor Andy Gouldson, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Andy Gouldson discusses the ‘Economics of the Low Carbon Cities’ report, a mini Stern review for the Leeds City Region and focuses on their findings for the most cost effective and carbon effective solutions in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. Help shape your future investment decisions.

15.15 Achieving Energy Efficiency through Metering & Monitoring – Stephen Squires, ND Metering Solutions.

The first step to achieving energy efficiency is to see where and when you use the most energy.

– How do you get this information?
– Once you have that information what then?
– How can investing in a metering solution help me to save money, reduce CO2 emissions and get the best out of my utility bill?

Simple questions answered with a simple solution. Come along to hear about how energy monitoring equipment has helped other local companies make savings.

Presentation available here.

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