Greener Buildings

Our ‘Greener Buildings’ strand at eco-fair covered renewable energy, building occupier behaviour change, retrofit, listed building & new build best practice and latest details on the Green Deal.

8.30  Heat Pumps as part of a Total Heating Solution. Ralph Bennett, Engineer,  Earthtest Energy

Earthtest Energy design and install Total Heating Solutions for domestic and commercial buildings.  Advice will be given on the various types and best uses of heat pumps, both air and ground source, their efficiencies and the methods of maximising these efficiencies to reduce heating costs to a minimum.   Advice and up to date information will be given on the Renewable Heat Incentive and cost implications for installation of heat pump systems.

Earthtest Energy will advise on the use of insulation, glazing, heat recovery, heat distribution, floor covering and other considerations for a cost effective heating solution using heat pumps.

Presentation available here.

9.15  Retrofitting for small office buildings Andy Aldridge, Consult 3A

Hear the lessons that Andy has learnt in attempting to refurbish a small office block in Huddersfield to zero carbon. Amongst many other improvements Consult 3A have changed their lighting, installed insulation, renewable technologies, voltage optimisation and lighting and heating controls. What’s more, they have extensively monitored the results from these changes. Find out what worked and what they will do differently on their next project.

Presentation available here.

10.00  Retrofit solutions for business – Nell Griffiths, Green Building Store.

The Green Building Store is committed to offering leading edge products for low energy buildings, and is at the forefront of introducing Passivhaus products and design into the UK. Green Building Store will be discussing retrofit solutions to help businesses save energy and water.

Presentation available here.

10.45  The Green Deal Explained – Stroma Certification

The Green Deal is part of the Energy Act 2011. It’s being described as “revolutionary”. “Every British home and business will be able to install packages of energy saving technologies… at no upfront cost… with repayments made over time out of the energy savings.  Strict standards will be put in place to prevent consumers from being ripped off by cowboys.”  – DECC

Stroma Certification Ltd are participating in the pilot accreditation project for the certification of Green Deal Installers (GDI) and Green Deal Advisors (GDA).   Come along to hear them

– Explain what types of improvements and measures the Green Deal will be able to help you with
– Explain opportunities for suppliers and installers
– Tell you about the Green Deal timetable – when the programme is due to start

£200m is going into special time-limited ‘introductory’ offers. Come along to find out more and discover how you could benefit from this newest government initiative.

Presentation available here.

11.30 Greener Listed Building – Andy Sheppard, Senior Consultant, ARUP

Listed buildings can be notoriously difficult to work with. It is often thought that reducing their emissions is too difficult to attempt but it isn’t.

Arup conducted an in-depth study of five local heritage assets, including Armley Mills in Leeds and Mercer Art Gallery in Harrogate. Using similar techniques as for any other building but with special consideration of heritage aspects, their in-depth study revealed scope for significant energy and carbon savings – and some improvements delivered a surprisingly effective payback.

Arup will talk about the five buildings they studied, demystifying problems and uncovering the opportunities for effective remediation and projected costs & savings.

They will help us to understand how historic buildings can meet the needs of the future.

Owners and tenants in older buildings: come along to listen & be inspired.

Presentation available here.

12.15  Europe’s Largest Straw Bale Building – Tony Holdich, CEO, Newlands Community Association

You may not have heard of Newlands Community Association (NCA). A Bradford-based charity, they spend most of their time focussing on how they can support local communities.   You may think this is all about fun-runs; comfy cardigans and tombolas. NCA are a little more ambitious.

They are currently “pushing the boundaries of design” and building Europe’s largest straw bale building on brownfield land in Eccleshill (a suburb of Bradford).  Aiming for BREEAM ‘excellent’, green building features a include ground source heat pump, rainwater catchment systems and solar PV.  The building will provide space for new business start-ups as well as community groups.

Come along to hear the story of how this building was conceived and funded, how construction is going so far and about the trials and tribulations which come with a project this extraordinary.

For a sneak peek, browse through some of the 800+ photos of the build in progress here.

Presentation available here. Case study available here.

13.00  Renewable Energy: Investment, Improvement & Strategy – Andy Calvert, Yorkshire Water

The Kelda Group use over 600 GWh of electricity every year.  Just under 10% of this energy is generated by the Kelda Group themselves.  The company plans to extend this to 16% in the next three years.

Andrew has spent 17 years in the water industry and the last six years being heavily involved in energy efficiency and renewable energy project development.  Technologies the Kelda Group have investigated and implemented include solar PV; wind turbines, hydro turbines and more specialised anaerobic digestion & sewage sludge technologies.

Come along to hear Andrew share his experiences of developing and implementing a wide range of renewable energy projects. He will share project costs and benefits and will also show how renewable energy fits into Yorkshire Water’s Energy Strategy planning through to 2020.

Presentation available here.

13.45  The Business Benefits of Biodiversity – Ian Manley, Group Environmental Conservation Adviser, Marshalls

Marshalls aim to set themselves apart in all that they do. This includes leading the way on social, environmental and economic management.
Sound environmental management and behaviours are increasingly important for customers. An often overlooked area of how you can make your business greener is looking at how your site can support local biodiversity.

In 2007 Marshalls was the first business in the UK to implement the Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark at an operational site.

Come along to find out how the Biodiversity Benchmark works, and what benefits Marshalls has seen by adopting this green accreditation.

Presentation available here.

14.30  A Virtual Look at Low Energy Buildings – Caroline Batson, Sustainability Manager at Rance Booth and Smith (RBS) Architects

RBS pride themselves on “Making Design Green”.  They can talk passionately about every aspect of building design – from best practice in green building standards through to specific construction materials.

In this session, RBS will explain how Dynamic Simulation Modeling can help to create low energy buildings. This technology can be used at the design stage of new buildings and to look at existing buildings. It helps RBS to find ways to reduce building energy consumption and increase occupant comfort.   RBS will use this technology to take us on a virtual tour of low energy building best practice.

Presentation available here.

15.15  Get started with renewable energy – Jos Mister, Yorkshire and Humber Microgeneration Partnership & Emily Charters, CO2Sense

Everyone’s interested in renewable energy, but where do you start?  In this interactive session, we’ll cover the basics & tell you

– How the different types of technology work and where they can be located
– What affects project feasibility
– What planning regulation you need to be aware of – How the government subsidies (the Feed In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive) work & how you can benefit from financial incentives
– Where to go to find accredited installers

This session is your chance to get to grips with these exciting new technologies and ask impartial experts your questions.

The presentation for this session is not available, however our speaker is happy to handle queries –

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